AC85-265V Hybrid Solar Light Bulb

AC85-265V Hybrid Solar Light Bulb Admin Edit

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Power-cut often makes people helpless ,and the emergency bulbs can help human  grope in the dark ,like carry candles or firewood.
The bulb will keep bright for 4-6 /6-8hours when the outage of power happens.
Smart change of LED bulb can make you no longer worry about the accident of power.There is a built-in sensor in the emergency bulbs.The built-in sensor can effect the success of the power ,determine the state of switch, and  save you in the situation of outage.It need 8 hours restore power ,and after 8 hours ,the built -in battery is ready for next power cut .
The power also from the soar energy,the battery inside can be automatically recharged  whenever the solar panels are exposed to any lighting sources.No matter where  is electricity or not ,the battery
 can be recharge through the solar panels  outside environment .  

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